Thursday, July 10, 2008


Many people will argue that the scientific and natural studies very well all have the same explanation when it come to logic. They belief that "the means justify the end", But if you were to tell that to this young junior Kenyan girl after she won the gold, she would definitely have to go with "the end justifies the means". It dosen't matter to her how she did it, all she is now is a gold medalist. nobody will take that away from her.Since the introduction of running gear of the sport history, she becomes the first female athlete to win gold barefoot.

If you take a close look at her feet, you will realize that both her big toes were wrapped up, could be from injuries, or may in this case, just to avoid injuries, given the fact that she is running barefoot. I admire our Kenyans, we will do all we can to defend that which we are capable of. Track and field is our "THING". Nobody know how do it better that us. and if anybody had any doubts about our love for our sport, then may be this will set the record straight. It is also noteworthy to remember she had to go over the hurdles, putting her at risk if she was to hit one of them. Talent is talent, if you got it, you got it!!

In this picture is Christine Kambua Munyanga,a girl who won the women 3000M steeplechase event at the world junior athletic championship today. HONGERA MWANA WETU. She is all I can say about setting the eye on the price. From her effort, Kenya now stands 3rd in the overall world ranking at this championship.

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