Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who needs a wife anymore?

By Shirley Genga

Women have changed. That is a fact. They have evolved over time, and the modern woman is identifiable by some characteristics such as financial independence, successful career and ideological liberty.

But they are not the only ones who have evolved. Men too have changed. Today’s man is especially an enigma to the woman and many women are left scratching their heads, no longer sure of the role they play in men’s lives. Some of the baffling trends of modern men, to which women will have to adapt, are:

He cares much about his appearance

He looks perfectly put together, with his hair closely cut or meticulously combed and knows how to match his clothes.

His nails are regularly manicured, in a salon to make it worse. It is there that he gets his pedicures and facial treatment as well.

His presentable image goes further; his house is tastefully furnished and always clean, while the sofas, curtains and carpet are not just thrown together. This man, clearly, does not need a woman to arrange his crib or his wardrobe.

He has one or more baby mamas’

It does not matter what you do, all he just wants to do is have fun. He can date you for two years and not once mention marriage.

Even the idea of you moving in with him is repugnant, and he will often do everything in his power not to discuss commitment at that level, citing his need for freedom and personal space.

Today’s men don’t need to marry in order to have children — and so there is not enough incentive for him to sign on the dotted line.

This is exacerbated by the possibility of him having been in other long-term relationships or even marriage. So all he wants from his girlfriend is sex and companionship. Ladies, silence your maternal instincts.

Further, be ready to deal with incessant calls from his baby’s mother and to cancel many a date because he is taking his children out.

He has loyal house help

He treats her like his mother, she means the world him and he will not tolerate any talking back when it comes to her. She can do what no wife can ever do — she will cook him whatever dish he asks for, keeps his house clean and washes and press his clothes and not once does she nag him or complain about how much work she has done.

She works round his schedule, and when he is tired of her, he can easily replace her. So she comes at a cheaper cost and with peace of mind.

His time with the boys is sacred

His time is meticulously planned; you cannot just pop in and surprise him. If you want to come over you must call in advance and let him decide whether or not to admit you.

Most of the time, he is with his ‘boyz’. You always meet him on his terms— he calls when he needs you and when he doesn’t call, he claims to be busy.

He jealously guards his time with his male friends like his life depended on it. In his hierarchy of important things, you probably come last — after his children, buddies, baby mama and house help.

His commitment is half-hearted

According to him, his life is perfect, he has money, a good job, friends to keep him busy, children to carry on his legacy, someone to take care of him — who is not his wife or mother.

When entering a relationship he is only after what all the above do not give him. So he gives of himself half-heartedly and stringing his woman along because he has no need for a wife. His life is complete without a wife

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Bet-bet-orr said...

Well, I must say, as the owner of this blog, I still need a wife. This is part of what I live for. to have a lifetime partner.