Thursday, February 12, 2009

Courts Says no Connection Between Vaccination and Autism; I Beg to Differ

The courts have ruled that there is no connection between the vaccine and autism's in children, they base their ruling on a number of studies that they say, show no connection. Bottom line, now every one will soon be required, basically forced to vaccinate their kids.

Personally, as a scientist, I have always wondered whether there is any truth in this. With my concern,I have since found out that there are many cases of autism in western countries, especially those countries where mothers do not breast feed their children.

So, may be they are right, that there is no connection between vaccine and autism, but may be there is a connection without breast feeding the children. A vaccine is meant to introduce the virus into the body in small quantities so that the antigen (virus) will prompt the body of a child to produce antibodies to fight the antigen,in the process, the body, through its defense mechanism, stores this information for future reaction to the virus of the same nature.

For a long time breast feeding has been something that every woman did, children that are breast fed in their early age, are initially introduced to some form of antigens, from the mothers milk that somehow toughened up the babies body. With this advantage of early exposure to other forms of antigen, the babies' body is strong enough to handle the concentration of vaccine that is usually administered.

The doses that continue to be used are the same as those that were initially used for children that were breast fed, these days, breast milk is a thing of the past, so the children of today, have no exposure to any kind of antigen that would train their immune system to be on alert, therefore they are weak compared to those that are breast fed. Due to this, when the dose is administer, it is basically an over dose for the child and the results are brain damage that lead to autism.

I think a study to compare children who are breast fed against those that are not, yet both receive the vaccination will shock these judges, because I belief that this is where the truth is.

My advice, vaccinate the children, but if you cannot breast feed your child, pump the milk and give the child what is rightfully his/her. Breast milk is important for the child, you might be risking your child life to autism by denying the child what is rightfully his/her, breast milk. I belief that the risk for autism from vaccination is only possible if a child is not given breast milk. For those public health professional out there, do this study, you might save the children of this planet.

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