Thursday, January 10, 2008

Post Elections - Kenya

Well, we all know what happened on that day of elections. However, that was then. Kenya is moving on. Our leaders are trying to heal the wounds, either created then or some that were already existing before then. We are also learning that every community sometimes have to vend for it own, and that there is nothing mightier that a peace and harmony.

For all that lost their lives,we pray that they were not lost in vain. that as history always does, we may have something solid to look back to in the future and say, "wait a minute", we know know what can happen.

And for all the millions of Kenyans that were denied their democratic right to have a Democratic government, all I can say is: Your turn will come, when there will be no option but to listen and obey your demands. Do not give up. It took a milestone to for us to free ourselves from our colonial powers. Well, I can see the same happening to to our local rulers, who pretended to be leaders, until the other day. Only this time it will come so fast, it will sting like bee and fly like a butterfly. and when all is done, we will sing our national anthem, holding our head high

For now it all peace,

Philemon Kirui

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